Our Mobile App Development Services

Our focus is native and cross-platform frameworks to craft extraordinary customized mobile solutions for our client’s core competence to enhance their business growth. Our mobile app development technologies include:


A mobile operating system that enables our app developers to create a mobile application based on the Linux Kernel which is designed for Smartphones and other devices.

  • Kotlin, Core Java
  • Retrofit, Rxjava, GSON, Zxing, ButterKnife, Glide, EventBus, Room etc.
  • SQLite, ORM (Object Reference Model)
  • JSON, XML, Animations, Custom views, UX
  • Sketch, Just-in-Mind, Adobe-CC


A mobile operating system developed by Apple that enables our app developers to create mobile applications exclusively for hardware which is based on Darwin (BSD), macOS that runs on Apple devices.

  • Swift, Cocoa Touch, Objective C
  • Parse, Kinvey, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Firebase, Core Data, SQLite
  • Sketch, Just-in-Mind, Adobe-CC

Cross Platform

Computer software implemented platforms that enable our programmers to develop software that runs on multi-platforms with nominal or no modification.

  • Ionic
  • PhoneGap
  • Xamarin
  • Adobe Build
  • Native Script
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