Toonztown Designs Impressive Website That Drives Traffic

If you are new to marketing world and want to achieve your business goals, undoubtedly, running a business consistently is not that easy. One must be smart enough to know all the latest trends in the digital marketing world to gain target audiences. Toonztown is a Web Development and Software Development company that helps you to design an impressive website that can drive more traffic to your website.

Are you searching for a unique and engaging website to let your customers hook up right on your website? We recommend you to get in touch with Toonztown, the professional Web Designing, and Web Development Company. The foremost step for digital marketing strategy is to build an attractive, user-friendly, and impressive website for reaching out your potential clients to spread awareness of your brand throughout the globe.

How to get started to make an impressive website?

  1. Simple yet attractive design

A well-presented and well-organized website with simplicity is the best way to attract your clients. For this, remove all unnecessary elements; simplify the clickable buttons and user interface. Embellished your website with impressive banners along with engaging headlines. If your website is complex, no one will bother to scroll your website for searching services offered by your organization and opt for another way out.

  1. Shading the Website

A single shade of color may make your website dull and too many colors may distract the user. It would be a wiser step if you choose appropriate colors that matched with your brand logo before designing your website. In this way, your brand will get recognition among your target customers. The letters and their color must be easily readable which will also help to increase the credibility of your website.

  1. Use of Fonts

Some of you feel to use different fonts to make your website more attractive but most of you doing a mistake here as using varied fonts drop the quality of your website. Excessive use of different font may make your website design confused, so to create good impact only use one or two fonts, clear and simple that is what a visitor look for.

  1. Appropriate Images

Appropriate and optimized images are essential for your website; images that are to be uploaded on your website must speak about your business profile as images have the ability to spread the right message to gain targeted traffic on your website.

We hope tips given above will be helpful for your business.   Let’s connect!

Why Is Email Marketing so Important?

When a commercial message is sent to a group of people using email it is known as email marketing. Email is sent to broadcast groups at once to increase the current customer base and retaining the existing customer’s base. Additionally, email marketing is gaining popularity.

Usually, email marketing is creating an email to request business, send an advertisement, donations, solicit sales, it is meant to build trust loyalty and brand awareness. The purpose of this marketing is to enhance customer relationship with current and existing customers.

Newsletters are an important aspect of the business market and they are mostly used for convincing customers to avail immediately the products and services offered to potential customers. Email marketing is one segment of internal marketing which includes social media, websites, blogs etc.

Most of the spam emails are a good example of email marketing. These spam mails keeps the customers informed about products and services.

Personalized Email Marketing

Email marketing helps a business to develop and maintain a relationship with a customer for a long time which further helps in increased sales and customer loyalty.

As per statistics more than half of the people use a mobile handset to access email so email marketing should be optimized for mobile usage.

Emailing is cheaper than other marketing types for your company and its products/ services. It is easy to set up to track an email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Is Still Relevant

  • Majority of population of internet users opt email over social media.
  • Email marketing is preferred marketing method for the majority of adults.

Email marketing and social media should go hand-in-hand. Adding buttons social media “Like” or “Share” or “Subscribe” to your emails marketing is another way for the audience to connect with your brand.

Preferring email marketing over other advertising channels has been always a wise step to increase turnover of your business.

5 Best Ways for Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Most of us, have heard a lot about the term ‘SEO’ but generally, we don’t know the exact meaning of SEO. Actually, Search Engine Optimization is to get targeted traffic by improving search engine rankings of your website/blog in the SERP (search engine result page) which includes Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.
For this, our digital marketing (D.M) expert provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to clients and improves the quality of their website by making it faster, user-friendly and easy to navigate.

What all Search Engine Optimization include:

1. On and Off web page optimization

Our D.M team is responsible for on-page optimization of your website that ensures a webpage is prearranged in a systematic manner to bring your website in SERP for particular key terms and keywords.

Toonztown professionals manage off-page optimization of a client’s website, as  ranking of your website is largely dependent upon on-page optimization; however, how high your website ranks in the SERP is largely dependent upon off-page optimization.

2. Content Marketing

Our content experts use their creative skills to share knowledge, information, advice, imagination, entertainment, etc. in consumable pieces all over the world for a client’s brand in a unified manner.

3. Online Reputation Marketing

Our team will take care of online reputation of a client’s brand/business i.e. what people actually think/say about your company online, and how well your brand/business reflects on SERP with the help of online audit.

We provide detailed report and recommendations about your brand’s online reputation marketing which include:

  1. a) Identifying negative and positive comments on the web about your organization.
  2. b) Analyzation of comments, conversations, common topics and highlighting important sites.
  3. c) Examining why and how any PR, social media, existing content, profiles ranks on search engines.
  4. d) Handling competitor review.
  5. e) Identifying the accuracy and consistency of your online business presence.
  6. f) Recommendation to improve your business presence online.
  7. g) Summarization of your work plan and strategy.

  4. Public Relation Marketing

Our public relation programs are designed to maintain and improve your business image with the promotional activities of products and services your company is offering. Moreover, public relation is an integral and cost-effective method for promoting your brand and its successful implementation is equally important.

   5. Backlink building /Contextual links

Our digital marketing experts create backlinks for your website with another websites with high domain authorities. As matter of fact, backlinking highly impacts prominence of your website in search engine result page (SERP) which improves your website Search Engine Optimization ranking.