Why Is Email Marketing so Important?

When a commercial message is sent to a group of people using email it is known as email marketing. Email is sent to broadcast groups at once to increase the current customer base and retaining the existing customer’s base. Additionally, email marketing is gaining popularity.

Usually, email marketing is creating an email to request business, send an advertisement, donations, solicit sales, it is meant to build trust loyalty and brand awareness. The purpose of this marketing is to enhance customer relationship with current and existing customers.

Newsletters are an important aspect of the business market and they are mostly used for convincing customers to avail immediately the products and services offered to potential customers. Email marketing is one segment of internal marketing which includes social media, websites, blogs etc.

Most of the spam emails are a good example of email marketing. These spam mails keeps the customers informed about products and services.

Personalized Email Marketing

Email marketing helps a business to develop and maintain a relationship with a customer for a long time which further helps in increased sales and customer loyalty.

As per statistics more than half of the people use a mobile handset to access email so email marketing should be optimized for mobile usage.

Emailing is cheaper than other marketing types for your company and its products/ services. It is easy to set up to track an email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Is Still Relevant

  • Majority of population of internet users opt email over social media.
  • Email marketing is preferred marketing method for the majority of adults.

Email marketing and social media should go hand-in-hand. Adding buttons social media “Like” or “Share” or “Subscribe” to your emails marketing is another way for the audience to connect with your brand.

Preferring email marketing over other advertising channels has been always a wise step to increase turnover of your business.

6 Reasons to Outsource Your Work to India

In a recent survey, U.S and European are the largest customers of outsourcing work who ranked India as number one and preferred destination for outsourcing work for their IT needs. Other major countries that outsource to India are Ireland, China, the Philippines, Mexico, etc.

Indian outsourcing Industry experienced 25-30 % growth rate every year, evidently, the great success of Indian outsourcing made Small and Medium Enterprises/ Small Medium Business (SME/SMB) to start opting for outsourcing. The current scenario shows India is leading offshore outsourcing country.

Some common outsourcing services include web development, mobile app development, finance and accounts, digital marketing, BPO services, retail, telecom, multimedia etc. Companies who are actively working onsite & offshore are Infosys, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Genpact, Tech Mahindra, Wipro Technologies, Cambridge, HCL Technologies, HTMT Global Solutions,  and Tata Consultancy Services.

Why Outsource Work To India?

India has become the best outsourcing industry globally because of it immensely talented workforce, favorable government policies, fast developing infrastructure, delivery of core competency to IT industries.

Key features of outsourcing to India

  1. Vast Manpower: With a huge population of over 1 billion and the ever-increasing majority of young-blood of India has matchless potential in the HRD (Human Resources Department) is rapidly expanding.
  2. 80% Cost saving: India offers many options to a company’s Chief financial officer (CFO) through major cost savings in terms of manpower, materials, and processes. Indian skilled IT professional ready to work for far fewer salaries when compared to western countries.
  3. High-Quality Services: Undoubtedly, India delivers standardized IT services that comply with global quality standards that boost ISO and SEI-CMM standard of companies worldwide.
  4. Art Communication Infrastructure: Indian IT companies offer high-speed bandwidth (network bandwidth, data bandwidth, or digital bandwidth) via optical fibre network, satellite connectivity, and submarine cables. Companies can have connectivity 24*7*365 of the year with clients and vendors
  5.  Rapid Economic Growth: India is a leading IT industry in the world. Indian services sector growth is approximately 55% of the GDP because of which India has earned the position of second largest software exporter.
  6. Attractive Tax and non-tax Incentives: The Government of India has provided a number of tax and non-tax benefits to boost investment from IT companies by outsourcing work in India. The tax benefits include:-
  • 10 years tax exemption to IT companies (infrastructure, construction, or maintenance)
  • 10-year tax exemption to Special Economic Zones (SEZ) and IT parks and
  • 5-year tax exemption for firms setting up a project in backward areas (district and state).
  • Tax benefit on exports as the tax is deducted from profit for setting units on Software Technology Parks (STP), SEZ’s, and Electronic Processing Zones (EPZ).
  • Tax benefits can also be availed on expenditure for R&D that includes 150% deduction on scientific research and 10-year tax exemption for scientific and industrial research for IT companies.

India is the best country to meet your IT needs at an affordable price within the specified time frame. So, don’t miss the opportunity to outsource from India to accelerate your business growth and also for whooping returns on your investment.